Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The wonderful winter world driving in a Jeep!

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When the white stuff starts falling up here around mid-October, it's time to make sure the Family Jeepster is winter-ready. Whether you're driving around the streets and highways, or rumbling through the woods, it's always better in a JEEP! Providing, of course, that you have a good top on it!

Most of the older "off-road-vehicles" just came with a soft top, which wasn't all that great at keeping you warm and toasty inside it. If you've had your vehicle and it's top for a number of years, the top is probably getting worn out by now. That doesn't help keep you any warmer either!

When your top starts showing signs of wear, tears, or leaks, it's time to start searching for a replacement top. There are some good web stores out there that carry these nowadays, and the choices are almost limitless! Good news for you! Also good news for you is that today's tops are made to fit your vehicle, make, model, and year. They can be had in factory colors or custom colors, with clear or tinted windows, and made from many different materials. Installation of today's replacement tops are a breeze. Life is definitely better!