Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Understanding the benefit of biomechanics in Golf

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There is information available widely through the web, PGA courses and magazine articles that brings you up to date with the latest thinking in golf. They teach you the latest on how to swing each club correctly, how to putt, how to analyse your swing, how to get mentally 'tough', how to improve flexibility and how to fitter and stronger for golf. 

Today there is a plethora of information being offered about golf. Some of it correct, all of it interesting, but how much of it is relevant to you?
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Golf Training Products To Maximize Your Potential

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When you think of golf training products do you think of training aids? Or do you think of products that work directly on some facet of your game... be it mental, physical or mechanical?

I know what you're thinking! Work! This all involves work right? Anything that was worth achieving does not ever come easy. Don't you agree? If improving your golf game is a high priority, you won't look at the process as work. In fact, you will invite these processes, and quite possibly even enjoy them.
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