Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Google AdSense and AdWords - Like Yin and Yang

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Many websites include a section or two with the "Ads by Google" above it or below it. These are ads displayed via Google's AdSense. When you do a search on Google and see ads in the search results pages, they are generally AdSense ads.

AdSense - The Yin:

Google's AdSense is programming that "senses" the content of a page or search. It finds keywords on a web page or in a search phrase to determine the subject of the content.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Start an Internet Business

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When it comes to making a choice between the many businesses that are available on the internet it is not easy, but it is advisable to plan ahead before making the final decision. Although you want to get up and running as quickly as possible making a quick decision may not necessarily be the right decision.

It is advisable to spend time thinking about what you really want to achieve with your internet business. Prepare a budget and work out carefully what you can afford to spend on your internet business monthly.
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