Monday, March 3, 2008

Social Networking Sites and Free Advertising

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Social networking sites have gained more attention in recent years. Teenagers, young adults, and adults are the main groups that encourage the popularity of social sites. Once a site goes popular and people hear about it, they will soon register on the site collectively. The effect is contagious. They tell friends, families, and colleagues, asking if they have accounts on the special social site to later be added as friends. The mechanism is actually general from one to other social sites. But as the competition rises, popular or going-to-be popular sites have been updating their applications and features to attract new users
. A noticeable result from the competition and mechanism is that people tend to have more than one active social site accounts. As many noted, students and other young adults can spend over hours per day on popular social site such as Facebook and Twitter managing their accounts, updating information, greeting friends, uploading photos and videos, playing games, sharing with groups, checking friend updates, and even sending gifts. Every social site may offer different features, but all are trying to do one major purpose: to make users stay on the site as long as possible.

Businesses also have advantages with the rising popularity of social sites. Since their market targets now spend a part of their spare time browsing such sites, there is no doubt that social networking sites have become another promising media for online advertising. Evidences on many studies help to impress the prospect.

1. Many people now make online researches about the brand or product they are considering.

2. More people use social media to find people’s feedbacks and reviews toward a specific product or brand.

3. Many people choose to buy a specific product or brand based on the information they find online.

4. In regards to social networking sites, many people also buy the same brand with their friends.

The facts can not be engulfing. While reading this article, you may remember one of your experiences alike. For businesses, social sites have also provided better and inexpensive methods to advertise and interact with their audience targets for free. Why not free? You can create as many accounts as you like on social sites, each describing the information about your business, what you sell, why people should consider your product, what are the product features, how to buy the product, how to contact your company, etc. The information is much more unlimited than those you are allowed to put on paid ads. Also, you can interact and do other customer service functions for free on social networking sites. If managed well, they can also help building brand awareness and reputation in long term, as a part of the marketing strategies every company should employ. As we know, advertising may have different purposes: to sell product or generate sales, to spread information about a product, and to build brand. Imagine getting deeper into the world of your consumers and conducting these marketing methods for free. Start your comprehensive free advertising on social networking sites now.