Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Get More Happiness Out of Your Dollars

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Research have shown that receiving paychecks and looking beautiful in front of the mirror only accounts 10 percent of your overall happiness in life. It is the small things you do that puts a smile on your face that really stacks up to the overall percentage of happiness.
Flip through photo albums when you feel like crying and you will find yourself smiling at all those wacky faces you have made with your friends long ago. If that is not enough to keep that smiling face, upload some of those pics into your computer and put it on as your screensaver.

Need a sudden change in mood? Try adding some lavender oil into your diffuser or peel off an orange and enjoy the smell. Waft the scent you smell coming off from the fruit and you will have a more calm mood for the rest of the day.
Feel free to let the sun's rays touch your skin for a few minutes. Place your exercise equipment where the sun is shining and you will feel an extra amount of energy and happiness. Exposing yourself to bright light especially the sun will have effects on your mood and your sleep.
Take the time off to bask yourself under the sun. If you work in a windowless office, make sure during breaks that you can put yourself under the sunlight for a couple of minutes before you head back.
Clear the clutters away from your desk or your room. The moment you see that there are piles of homework or paperwork that needs to be done is the moment you make yourself anxious. By clearing away the papers, you also clear away your worries.
If you feel like you are going to snap at any moment due to stress, you might want to scan the internet for some funny video or head out to an officemate who never fails to make you laugh. Laughing releases dopamine which calms your nerves down.
To get more happiness out of your dollars, treat your friend to a dinner or the movies. You can even buy concert tickets that you and your friends can enjoy together. It will be money worth spending.
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