Sunday, January 30, 2011

10 Reasons to Use an International Courier When Sending a Parcel Overseas

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Are you sending a parcel to Australia, China or India? If so, you will do doubt be aware of the limitations of using traditional delivery methods. Here are 10 reasons for using an international courier to send your parcel.
1. If you are sending something as far afield as China, India or Australia, you may benefit from the broad range of solutions international couriers can provide.

2. When sending legal documents that far, security may be an important issue to consider. With an international courier, your parcel will be extremely well looked after and every possible security measure will be taken.
3. If you're sending products to customers, knowing your parcel will arrive safely could lead to customer satisfaction and further business. An international courier has fewer parcels to deliver, so can give each one greater attention.
4. As well as having a broad range of options when choosing your courier agreement, you may also have the opportunity to discuss unique requests, so the delivery service can be tailored to your needs.
5. When sending prototypes between companies, you may wish to build a strong and lasting relationship with a courier service, so you can trust in the safety and security they provide.
6. There may be occasions where you need your parcel to India, China or elsewhere to arrive within a tight time period. Only an international courier can provide that level of service.
7. There are a number of third party organisations that can help you find the right courier and package for your delivery needs, so you can make sure it's money well spent.
8. If you have employees overseas, you may need to send documents like contracts back and forth, perhaps over the course of a week.
9. Many services will offer enhanced tracking functions, so you can see what stage of the delivery process your parcel is in at any time.
10. There's lots of competition amongst couriers, which means the rates they charge are very competitive.
If you're sending a parcel to China, Australia or India, a worldwide delivery service could be the solution.
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