Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silver cufflinks for a perfect silver anniversary gift

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Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, designer cufflinks are a man’s real buddies. They make him look good, last forever and up his confidence. There is no better way to mark twenty-five years of togetherness than with a pair of durable and sophisticated silver cufflinks that he would love to flaunt.

Finding something in silver for your man on your 25th wedding anniversary can be truly daunting and let’s face it – there aren’t too many options for him. Of all the really thoughtful gifts that you could give your man, a pair of men’s cufflinks in silver would be something that he would cherish (and would not make him cringe).

There are several options in silver men’s cufflinks. These include:

1. Plain silver cufflinks: To be safe, you could buy your husband cufflinks in silver with a matte finish. Shiny silver cufflinks can also dress up any shirt. For a truly special gift, make sure you buy designer cufflinks that are hand-made in Italy. These look absolutely exquisite and will go all his formal and semi-formal clothes. Blue, maroon, white, grey, black, beige, navy – every color that you can think of in his wardrobe can be beautifully complemented with silver cufflinks.

2. Jewel encrusted: If your husband likes everything that is opulent and luxurious, opt for designer cufflinks that are encrusted with semi-precious stones and fitted in silver. You could choose from topaz, amethysts, garnets, turquoise, corals and dozens of other gems, set in the finest silver, forming a pair of beautiful men’s cufflinks.

3. Porcelain cufflinks: Porcelain cufflinks are unusual and are for those who love to experiment with their style. Choose disorderly porcelain cufflinks fitted in silver with colors like pastel green and pinks for a semi-formal look.

When buying cufflinks, it’s important to keep your husband’s personality and lifestyle in mind. If he likes a particularly understated look, buy regular silver cufflinks. If his lifestyle involves business meetings with high-profile clients, you might want to choose jewel-encrusted cufflinks. After all, the idea is that he would use the cufflinks you gift him as often as possible.

After you’ve decided what sort of cufflinks you want to buy go through websites offering men’s cufflinks. There are several designers like Stanley Lewis, who specialize in designing men’s accessories. If this is a gift for a special occasion, buying it from a design house won’t hurt – it’ll cost you lesser than you think.

If you follow these guidelines, chances of going wrong are really remote. Buy him the perfect cufflinks this anniversary and watch his eyes light up when he sees them!