Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Website Listings Can Help You find The Perfect Flat To Let

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If you are looking for a flat to let then try the excellent new property listing website, the Lettings Mall. The site offers a range of properties across the UK including shared accommodation, flats and homes to rent, and commercial properties including offices.
You can view listings that include full descriptions with photographs and videos of houses, flats people and places.
The site allows you to choose the borough or shire you wish to live in the UK and covers all of the UK, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The site not only allows you search for areas that you would like to live in, it also lets you search using various options like the budget, the kind of property, the sex of the person you wish to share with, and the size of the commercial property you wish to lease.
In the past it has been notoriously difficult to find a flat to let that is in the right location and has the facilities and features which you would love to have at your home.
Traditional newspaper advertising has often meant that both landlord and tenants waste valuable time asking basic questions that cannot be addressed in a small local advert.
New property websites deal with all kinds of lettings and enable landlords to fully describe their property. Potential tenants can then decide which properties they would like view- saving everyone needless trips and appointments.
You may be able to find a flat to let in the exact location that you desire but it is more likely that you will need to compromise, especially if your budget is tight. You may also be prepared to travel a little bit further if the flat has a feature that you particularly like - modern kitchens, bathrooms, wood panel flooring or a garden area all of which will contribute towards a sense of well being.
View a selection of properties before making up your mind and before agreeing to a contract but bear in mind that the most popular locations and properties with the best facilities are likely to be let very fast - so make sure that you have your deposit, references and other documents ready.
It is not difficult to find a flat to let if you are flexible and able to prove to the landlord that you can afford the rent and utility bills. Most towns have newly built housing estates where landlords have invested into buy to let schemes or older properties that have been converted into apartments.
With the current economic situation, a lot more landlords and estate agents are putting out properties to let. What we are also seeing is a situation where there are more tenants looking for houses primarily because people cannot afford to buy.
Using a property mall like the Lettings Mall allows you to save time and money and gives you various avenues to communicate and obtain information about the property you wish to let.
The Lettings Mall usually has a good selection of accommodation in most locations and you can request to be notified when a flat to let that fits your criteria is newly listed.