Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bourgas Airport Transfers From Bourgas Airport – How to Avoid Rogue Bourgas Taxi Drivers.

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We all want to travel, but also many of us know when you travel is not without its less attractive side. There are tons of things that can go wrong, and in most cases, the traffic problems arise, long-distance air is really the only viable option if you do not like to spend consistent time on the road without any constraint. We all know that flights could be canceled, significant delays can occur in a variety of other unpleasant situations. With this being said, many people are not aware of having a bit 'of preventive measures to ensure that they and their families can be more convenient to travel without incident. When going abroad, you must keep in mind that many things are probably different from what you used to, and this obviously also applies to a city, town or even a beach or winter resort.

This story is much of what has happened to me four years ago. I remember clearly the way from Bourgas Airport, Bulgaria to Sunny Beach and to my disappointment and naivety, I paid almost 2 times the price of what it should be. Taxi drivers are often rude in their taxis, tired and desperate, the attitude awful, agreed prices grossly overpriced and in a hurry to get out in the sun, and to the cold shower. This was a lesson I learned unfortunately the hard way. My driver took me to the hotel, but not before having to drive me around for more than 20 minutes through the narrow streets and alleys, and trying to justify the high price. After a few weeks in there, I realized that the taxi had driven an incredibly confusing path to try to hide his terrible price. For those who travel budget, sometimes the price difference can mean a shorter stay, or be satisfied with lower housing.
However, I learned my lesson well, and in the future, I decided to pre-book all my airport transfers in advance through the Internet, so that to avoid such mistakes. Since my research I found a company called Bourgas Airport Transfers and using them every time I go out there. English speaking drivers, great tour guides and they are always ready to help. The fares are fixed it doesn’t matter if you arrive early in the morning or late at night. Always there will be someone waiting with a signboard at the front of the luggage claim area.
All of my friends now are using this company which proved to be the leader of the Airport transfer market on the Black Sea coast. No job is too small for them. Even if you need to stop by the supermarket on your way to your apartment they will never charge you anything extra. Their price is fixed without any hidden charges. Full support during your transfer is offered and their advices on exchanging money, where to eat, what to do and what not to do are very useful especially for people coming for the first time.