Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Importance Of Interpreting Services In Times Of Globalisation

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Professional Interpreting Services Break Down the Language Barrier
Professional interpreting services are more important than ever, now that globalization has made international communications almost routine. Business negotiations, as well as cultural and educational exchange, become far easier when each party is able to speak in his native language with an accurate, real-time translation being provided to the other party so that every point is properly understood.

Even though geopolitical developments over the past 150 years have turned English into a global lingua franca, and the spread of English has become even more intense over the past few years due to the rise of the Internet, communicating is always easier as well as more precise when a non-native speaker of English is able to speak in his own language.
Indeed, complex technical terms and concepts often are difficult to express for a non-native speaker of a particular language. Relying on professional interpreting service providers to translate and explain such terms as necessary ensures that the concepts and terms which are crucial to the success of negotiations or other important conversations are properly understood.
Once professional interpreting services are employed during conversation sessions, all parties can rest assured that everything that is being said is being simultaneously translated for perfect understanding. In addition, professionals who are able to converse fluently in the native or preferred tongue of both parties are trained to make sure that any misunderstanding which arises due to language issues is easily and quickly clarified.
Professional interpreting services today do not include only real-time translation
Interpreters are communications professionals who truly are a gateway to cross-cultural communications. The professional interpreter provides a real window into the culture behind the language that is being translated. As a professional interpreter is as well versed in cultural nuances as he is in linguistic nuances, he provides information on how to best approach a negotiating partner who has been raised in a different culture. Therefore, the professional interpreter contributes even more to the success of the negotiations or exchange by explaining how to best approach issues that may result due to cultural differences.
While globalization has indeed made the world smaller, it has not created a universal culture or language. If anything, the success of the globalization process lies in the fact that it allows speakers of different languages who are members of different cultures and nationalities to interact with each other, especially when they share a common goal that supersedes any linguistic barriers or cultural differences.
Professional interpreting services in essence break down linguistic barriers
Because each party to the negotiations or conversation is hearing what the other has to say in his own language rather than having to rely on his own less than perfect understanding of another language. Once the interpreter breaks down those linguistic barriers, it becomes easier for both parties to cooperate in building a bridge that brings both of them together.
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