Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Choose the Perfect Ring

5:24 AM by nurliana purba · 0 komentar

When it comes to choosing our own jewelry we can be very picky as well as we can be very impulsive buyers. I would like to give you some advice about choosing your rings. When I help out my customers in person I get to really direct them into jewelry that fits for them individually. What I mean by that, is that many people only look at the jewelry without taking in consideration their hands, fingers & comfort. When choosing a ring of course we want the ring to look good but will it look good on our specific type of hands?
It's just like clothing, it may look great on the models but maybe not so much on you. Look at your hands, are they wide or narrow, are your fingers short, long, thin...

If you have big hands you must get a solid ring because chances are your hands are strong & you use them accordingly & you don't want the band to brake. Also don't choose something too tiny it will look out of proportions. Wide bands can fit you but not too wide, go for about half an inch wide. You are one of the lucky people who can wear very large stones
so don't miss out on that!

If you have small thin hands you probably already know that rings which are too massive & heavy aren't meant for you. Go for filigree or Celtic designs they will be much more comfortable & will suit you best. Wide bands can suit you as long as they are not too wide & keeps you from closing your hands completely so if you buy online & don't get to actually try it on before buying verify the width.

Wide bands are very hot right now, but they aren't meant for everyone. Long slim fingers suit them best. Actually most rings will suit you best but not too narrow, stick with about a quarter inch and more width in the front.

Short chubby fingers sorry for you but you should avoid wide bands, you wont be comfortable & it will end up in a jewelry box. If you have short fingers choose a thinner band with the front part small to medium size. If you really want to go with a wide band well choose one that tapers down in the back to about a quarter of an inch or less. Try a colorful stone that will catch the eye or maybe a cameo ring.

I hope this advice will help you find rings that better suit you & that it will have you purchase the right ones. After all when we love a ring, that it looks great on your hand & it is comfortable it often ends up being a real treasure.