Friday, January 2, 2009

Free phone via Gmail is already available

10:49 AM by nurliana purba · 0 komentar

technological developments Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) already more advanced, this is the mark with the many services offered via the telephone company in the case internet, we examples companies who concentrated on this service is Skype, the company's most successful internet telephony service, has claimed more than 560 million registered users. The company says at least 124 million users utilize its service at least once a month and 8.1 million users, including paying customers.

apart from skype, it turns out that their products google issued via the internet on the phone in the account a GMAIL. This means that with this new service, we can make phone calls through our gmail account.

"Gmail voice and video chat to make communication between friends and family becomes much easier, by just using a PC microphone and speakers. Currently the user must first login with your Gmail account at the same time wanted to call," said Robin Schriebman, Software Engineer Google.
but unfortunately for the moment, new users in the United States will be able to call from your Gmail account. in Indonesia so these services are not yet available, but large possibility later google will develop to services can use in many countries.

Call anywhere in the United States and Canada for free until the end of the year, while calling the UK, France, China and Germany quoted 2 cents per minute.

This new service is spelled out interesting articles downlaod users do not need extra application to do call phone, because everything has been integration at gmail accounts. we wait for the future growth of VOIP services from just google it.